Make Up Remover for hotels – “Small Sercive with great effect that is not even expensive!”
In most hotels in the world, there is no make-up remover for female guests.
This small service has a great positive effect, we hear so often from hotel customers, who smash a Makeup remover – guests love make-up remover wipes! They are gentle, effective and available in neatly designed disposable packaging. The comfort of this bathroom makes it so easy to remove makeup at the end of the day. They are also great for after a long day of business or a trip to the gym to refresh. After their hotel stays, many guests go home and order a box for personal use or as a gift.
This is great news for hotels. Guests will remember that you introduced them to a fantastic product they love.

Freshpack has a make-up remover that can be branded completely in Hotel CI.
We are happy to inform you.